A security breach at eCommerce mn.

A security flaw in eCommerce Inc. has exposed customer details and data to hackers and allowed hackers to breach the security of its eCommerce marketplace.

The breach, which occurred late last month, affects customers in Europe and the United States and could affect millions of consumers, including those in the United Kingdom and other countries.

It also threatens eCommerce’s business model.

The eCommerce security breach affected customer information including email addresses, bank accounts and credit card numbers, as well as the credit card data of some customers.

It has also exposed customer data to third parties who have used it for fraud, such as phishing attempts.

In the eCommerce Security Breach, eCommerce reported an estimated $4.7 million in damages.

The company said the breach occurred after hackers used phishing emails to try to steal customers’ data and to steal bank account information.

The attackers accessed eCommerce’ system by exploiting a vulnerability in a program called “Faulttronix.”

The vulnerability was exploited in 2014 by a group calling itself the Guardians of Peace.

The hackers stole customers’ information including their credit card information, email addresses and other personal information.

They also obtained credit card details and credit scores from victims.

In response to the breach, e Commerce said it had implemented new procedures to strengthen its data security, including encrypting user accounts.

The breaches were first reported by the Washington Post.

In a statement, ecommerce said it was in the process of implementing new procedures for securing customer data.

The Associated Press first reported the breach on Thursday, and the company said Friday that it has been working with U.S. law enforcement authorities to determine who the attackers are.

The AP is not naming the attackers because they are not charged with any crime, but the company’s statement said the hackers are believed to be based in China.

eCommerce has also reported an average of one security breach a day since July.

The U.K. and other U.N. member states also have reported a number of security breaches in recent months, including one that affected eCommerce customer data in 2016.

The cyberattackers used phishers to steal the data of more than 2 million U.KS. and U.E. customers, including email and bank account details, and credit score data.

In its statement Friday, e commerce said it has identified the attackers, but has no further details about the nature of their activities or what the attackers gained.

The group calling themselves Guardians of Paradise also used phish to steal customer data from ecommerce.

ecommerce is the world’s second-largest ecommerce company, with more than 500 million sellers, with an online marketplace of more 5 million items.

In 2017, emerce said it paid more than $300 million in fines and restitution to U.G. states, including New York, California and Florida, for the breaches.

In an interview with Bloomberg News last week, e merchants chief executive Michael De Luca said the security breaches were “part of a long-term trend of companies not being able to meet the demands of the marketplace.” ecommerce has faced criticism in the past for its poor security practices.

In 2016, e-commerce merchants in the U.B.C. province of New Brunswick reported a massive hack that compromised more than 20 million accounts and thousands of accounts of customers.

e commerce also has faced a number or security breaches that affected customers of other U and European countries.

e-Commerce has been under fire for failing to adequately secure customer information.

In July, U.W. Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Florida, accused e commerce of having a “lack of transparency and compliance.”

In an email to customers, e goods retailer Amazon Inc. said it did not receive a breach notification from e commerce until after it had already received a complaint from the UB.

S.’s cyber security agency, UBISEC.

Amazon said it does not have an “uniform approach to cybersecurity” and does not track the security status of its customers.

A cybersecurity firm with ties to Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

In June, eMerchant Group, which sells digital goods to retailers, reported that its customer data and data from a customer who bought digital goods was stolen.

The information included email addresses of some 30 million customers, which was used to make fraudulent purchases.

In February, eBusiness, a consumer goods retailer in the Netherlands, reported a breach of customer data of about 8.8 million customers.

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