Walmart: We’ve heard the criticism

Walmart says it has “heard the criticism” about its new e-commerce portal, but it has not yet taken a public stance on it.

The e-shop portal, which launched on Monday, is a joint venture between Walmart and eBay.

Walmart’s first official e-store, in Seattle, was launched in March this year and is expected to sell out in a matter of days.

Its launch is part of Walmart’s plan to expand its e-business across more than 200 countries and territories by the end of the year.

However, the new portal does not appear to offer the same level of protection from cyberattacks and fraud that is available to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers.

The portal’s website is currently offline, but the store has been working on the new ecommerce portal and has also shared its plans with customers.

Walmart says it will make its first e-discount in a week, and that customers can also buy goods from Amazon or eBay through the portal.

“The Walmart eCommerce portal provides an unparalleled experience for our customers and is one of our top priorities to grow our business worldwide,” the company said in a statement.

 However, some customers have expressed concerns that the e-marketplace portal has not been sufficiently protected.

One Twitter user, @lucas-ruth, said:  “There are so many things going on with Walmart ecommerce.

They are now selling products in a foreign country and I have not been notified about a refund or replacement.”

“We want the world to know Walmart is not selling the product to us.

We would like them to offer us a refund for the product we bought.

I will never be able to buy Walmart products again.”

A Walmart spokesperson told the BBC that the company was “not commenting on this particular matter”.

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