EA Sports eCommerce is coming to your mobile app: NHLNews

EA Sports is launching a suite of ecommerce tools that can be used to support mobile commerce.

The new platform will include a number of products and services, including products like HockeyApp, HockeyManager, and HockeyPlayer, as well as ecommerce products like Shopify, Amazon and Walmart.

EA Sports CEO Andrew Wilson said the platform will be integrated into the company’s ecommerce portfolio and will allow for more seamless and intuitive shopping experiences. 

The ecommerce platform will also include additional tools for EA Sports customers. 

Wilson said the company was “very excited” to have EA Sports support the mobile market, adding, “We believe that ecommerce is the future for us and our fans. 

We’re committed to building a platform that is both powerful and accessible for fans to interact with the brands and players they love.” 

EA Sports also confirmed that the platform is still in the development stage. 

“EA Sports is still a very early-stage platform, so we’re going to take it slowly,” Wilson said.

“The eCommerce team is excited about the opportunity to leverage the strength of our brand and our brand partners to build a truly powerful eCommerce solution for our fans.” 

Microsoft, which also launched a suite in December to offer ecommerce services to users of its Bing search engine, is also planning to support ecommerce for its Windows 10 operating system, according to an executive familiar with the matter. 

Microsoft is also rumored to be working on an online store for its Xbox game console. 

At this time, the NHL is still not ready to discuss the future of the NHL ecommerce marketplace. 

As for whether or not the NHL will include NHL apps on iOS or Android devices, Wilson did not offer any details. 

What do you think about the upcoming NHL eCommerce platform?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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