Google has made some minor changes to its YouTube video store

Google is trying to get rid of ads for its YouTube videos, according to a report from the BBC News website.

YouTube, which has been the target of intense competition from Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and others, has been using a system known as “Google Preferred” to deliver advertisements on videos that don’t contain paid content.

This feature is available on most video-on-demand platforms including Netflix and Hulu.

The BBC said that the changes made to YouTube’s video store by Google “include adding paid videos and removing ads”.

It is not clear what this means for videos that do not contain paid advertisements, but the BBC said it was unclear whether the changes would affect existing videos that contain ads.

The news comes after Google last week announced that it would no longer sell the Google Preferred service to third parties, although it said that it was looking into how it could sell other features in future.

The announcement was made on the same day that YouTube announced a $1bn funding round for a new ad technology company.

Google’s announcement was not a major deal for the video-streaming site, which is now valued at $20bn.

However, it does mark a significant shift from the company’s initial position that paid-advertising ads were a bad idea.

Google, which owns the video site YouTube and the Google+ social network, said that paid ads could potentially cause problems for users.

YouTube Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said: “There are legitimate concerns around advertising in our platform.

We want to do everything we can to prevent this from happening.”

The BBC reported that Google will no longer be using the Google Prime service, a version of YouTube that is not sold through Google.

It is unclear how many people currently use the Prime service.

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