When the Southavens hit the beach

By Dan K. JohnsonSouthavens are a kind of beach ball that are popularly known for their quick and efficient dunking.

This is especially true in Southaven State Park in South Haven, New York.

It is a large and well-known beach, but it is also home to a very large number of visitors who use the beach for their recreational purposes.

Southaven has an average of 10,000 visitors a day.

In the summer, this number is often over 30,000 people.

But in the winter, the number drops dramatically, and the number of beach balls falls to less than 1,000 a day, less than a third of what it used to be.

And that is not a good sign for the state’s beach ball industry.

The Southaven is the second most popular sporting event in South America, after the Olympics, according to the South America Tourism Organisation.

But there is still a lot of uncertainty about the sport’s future in South Florida, a city where the Southwestern Athletic Association (SSA) has a partnership with the South Havens.

SSA and the South Havens have agreed to jointly develop a new sport for South Florida.

It’s called the South Beach Ball and it’s a new version of the Southland Sports Ball.

This sport has a very different look and feel to the regular Southland Ball, but its main similarity is the bounce.

The Southaven, also known as the South Coast, is a sand-colored ball that is designed to bounce off the beach.

The bounce is quick and precise, so people have an incentive to dunk it.

But unlike the regular ball, the Southave is designed for kids, because it is more forgiving than a regular South Coast.

The first Southaven was introduced in 1997 and was designed by Tom Mankin, a South Haven native.

But it took three years to find a manufacturer to manufacture the Southaves.

The ball was initially sold by South Haven SSA to an independent manufacturer.

A Southaven company was created to produce Southaven products in South Beach Park in 1999.

The ball is now manufactured in Southwood, Florida.

That company is now called Southwood Ball Products.

Southwood has a small manufacturing facility and an office on the South Lawn of the U.S. Capitol.

This facility is located in the park.

It was designed to make only the Southwood product, which is designed specifically for South Beach.

The products are then shipped to the U

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