What’s happening with the NHL?

The NHL announced on Friday that it is discontinuing the official NHL Shop and Ticket App, which was first announced in late February and is now available only through the NHL Shop, as well as the NHL App.

The NHL Shop was built on a proprietary and proprietary platform, and was never intended to be used by fans.

The league also announced that it will begin to distribute ticket information via the NHL app.

In a statement, NHL CEO Brian Burke said the NHL’s app has had an “unexpected amount of success” in helping fans navigate the various offerings of the league.

“We are excited to announce that the NHL is moving to a new and improved digital platform that will provide more seamless access to the NHL content and games,” Burke said.

“As a result of this change, we will no longer offer the official app.

Fans will continue to have access to NHL tickets through the official Shop and will be able to purchase tickets for all games in the 2018-19 season through the app.”

The NHL will continue “to develop new ways to provide fans with access to our content and game offerings, including through the League Shop,” Burke added.

The announcement follows the launch of the NHL.com platform in late January and comes as the league tries to turn around a struggling online presence.

The launch of a mobile-first version of the site also comes as more teams are seeking to stream games from the home arena to their smartphones, including the New York Rangers and Dallas Stars.

The new NHL Shop app is a direct copy of the LeagueShop app from 2013, which offered the same features and features of the official online shop, including ticket purchasing.

It also was able to provide the ability to view and print ticket images, and the NHL Store was the only online outlet to provide access to player statistics.

In the past, the League Store was available on the App Store, but it was discontinued in March 2017.

For years, fans could purchase tickets through NHL Ticket Exchange through a separate website that did not include the ability for fans to purchase and print tickets.

The League Store is not available on NHL TicketExchange, though fans can still use their existing Ticket Exchange account to purchase Tickets to Games for a limited time.

The official NHL app is now live on iOS and Android devices, and users can access the NHL Ticket app on their Android devices.

The app will continue working on the desktop platform.

“Our commitment to fans is unwavering,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement.

“The NHL has a proud history of providing access to a number of content and fan experiences.

With this new platform, fans will be even more able to enjoy all of their favorite NHL content through the App, and we will continue our commitment to provide a consistent, seamless experience for fans and partners.”

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