Canadian farmers may need new food security plan to offset price rises

Agriculture experts have expressed concern that the federal government’s new food safety plan may not be strong enough to help farmers deal with rising prices and food insecurity.

“The government needs to take a long, hard look at the scope of this and look at what other policies are in place to help mitigate these pressures,” said Simon Fraser University’s Andrew Wainwright.

“What will it take to ensure that we have the resources to mitigate these impacts on the agricultural sector?”

Wainwright said the federal and provincial governments are “going to have to do a lot of work” to keep up with the rising prices of food.

“There are a lot more farmers in Canada than there were a couple of years ago,” he said.

“This is not something that was a one-off event.

The federal government says the plan, called the Integrated Food Security Strategy, is designed to help meet the challenges of food security and the broader economic recovery. “

It is a situation that has been happening for a long time, and the government has done a very poor job in addressing it.”

The federal government says the plan, called the Integrated Food Security Strategy, is designed to help meet the challenges of food security and the broader economic recovery.

It is also designed to create jobs and help farmers better cope with the changes.

“It’s a great plan, and it’s very important that we keep it going, and continue to make it a success,” Agriculture Minister Pierre Poilievre said in an interview with the CBC.

“But we have got to keep the focus on what the government is doing to address these issues, and what we are doing to support those farmers.”

Farmers are struggling to make ends meet.

The food industry is the single largest employer in Canada, with more than 22 million people working in agriculture, according to Statistics Canada.

A growing number of workers are also struggling to keep their jobs and find income, and many are struggling with food insecurity as a result.

In the past three years, Canada has experienced the highest level of food insecurity in the world, according the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

More than 1.2 million people in Canada and the United States are living in food insecure households.

The Canadian Wheat Board says it employs about 3,000 people, or roughly one per cent of the workforce, and that it is taking measures to address the challenges faced by workers and employees.

But there are concerns about the effectiveness of the plan.

The farm sector, particularly in Ontario, is suffering from an oversupply of wheat and barley, which have become more scarce because of global warming.

It has also become harder to source imported wheat and other grain, and prices are rising, said Bill Brown, the board’s executive director.

Brown says there are some measures being taken to mitigate the impact of rising food prices, but it is not enough.

“When you have a country where you have an abundance of wheat, you have that, you’re in the market to import it and you can’t import it as quickly,” Brown said.

Canada is the largest importer of wheat in the OECD. “

We’re looking at a lot on the farm, but we don’t know what that will mean.”

Canada is the largest importer of wheat in the OECD.

It was the world’s second largest wheat exporter in 2016, with almost a billion tonnes of wheat arriving in Canada.

The wheat boom in recent years has helped boost Canada’s economy and helped to keep its farmers competitive.

But Brown says he is concerned that the government’s plan may only provide a partial solution to the challenges facing Canadian farmers.

“We need to look at other policies that could help us reduce prices and feed the Canadian population more sustainably,” Brown added.

The plan, which was released last week, is expected to be announced next week.

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