How to use an Amazon Prime Day deal to buy a house and a car

A week after Amazon announced a new Prime Day sale for a range of products, one of the biggest items was the car.

On Prime Day, Prime members who pre-ordered a car on Amazon’s website got free delivery on the vehicle, with an additional 10% delivery fee added on top.

The car was a Mercedes-Benz C300 AMG, priced from $35,500.

Prime Day also brought another new item on the Prime Day sales list: a $50,000 home.

Prime members could buy up to two homes with a single Prime Day order.

This was a rare home in a market with record high prices.

But with Prime Day ending, the list of new homes has been reduced to two: a home in Australia and a home on Sydney’s South Coast.

So what’s the deal?

You get two homes on Prime Day for $50k, plus an extra $20,000 in shipping costs if you pre-order them at

But that’s not all.

You can also buy one of those houses for $100k, which will net you another $30,000.

And Prime members can also pre-register for a $500,000 apartment, worth $70,000, on Amazon.

A prime house isn’t cheap, but with the option of buying one of these properties for $150k, Prime member buyers could save themselves a significant amount of money.

The savings on the $100,000 price tag are significant, too, with the average price of a prime property on Amazon, according to a survey conducted by property website DomainMarket, sitting at $2.6 million.

So how do you buy one for $300k?

Easy, with Prime members able to buy two homes for $250,000 for $30k less than a normal price.

But there’s one catch: Prime members have to pre-pay for the purchase, which means you’ll have to pay extra.

You also have to be a Prime member, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy your home with your own money.

You’ll have the option to buy your property at a discount from the normal market price if you sign up for Prime, or you can buy a property with a down payment of $200,000 and pay $50 per month in mortgage fees.

But the most efficient way to get the best deal is to do it with a mortgage.

You don’t need to go through the hassle of having a mortgage servicer put together the paperwork for you.

Just go to your bank and buy the property, and then make the payments yourself, in cash or by debit card.

Prime member deals are available on a range for mortgage, but there are also Prime Day deals that can help you save even more.

There’s also a special Prime Day Offer for Prime members, which gives you a 15% discount on a purchase of up to $100K.

That’s worth an extra 50% on a $100 million home or $100M investment.

So if you’re thinking about a new home, you might consider going with a Prime Day home purchase for savings, and you might even save more than if you bought it outright.

But if you want to make sure you’re getting the best offer possible, it might be best to use the Prime Instant Video app to watch the Prime deals before you make your final purchase.

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