How to make Nordstrom your own online store

The online retail giant is moving ahead with its own online shopping platform, Nordstrom Direct, that it says will make it easier for shoppers to find, buy and use products.

Nordstrom’s direct-to-consumer service will launch on Friday, with an early launch for consumers scheduled for March 31, according to a statement released Monday.

The company will also be launching an app that will let customers order merchandise online, as well as on a variety of other platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Target and Apple Pay.

The service will also let shoppers buy merchandise directly from the retailer’s online store.

Nelson says that the Nordstrom app will allow consumers to make purchases from their mobile devices.

Users will be able to add products to their cart from within the app, or by scanning their mobile device, which will display their order and allow them to add items to their basket.

Once the items are in their basket, customers can then add the items to a shopping cart and receive an automatic confirmation, said a spokesperson for Nordstrom.

Users can order merchandise directly on the app.

It will also work with the retailer store, which offers more than 40,000 items and has a catalog of more than 2,300.

“With our partnership with Nordstrom, we will bring a much more personal experience to the online shopping experience,” said Kate Peltzer, senior vice president of business development and brand partnerships for Nordheim.

“This is a truly personal experience for shoppers.”

The app will also allow customers to order items on Amazon, where the company has a retail network.

Peltzer said the app will be available on both Apple and Android platforms.

The app will offer both online and brick-and-mortar stores as well.

The launch of the app comes as the retail industry faces competition from Amazon and other online retailers.

Apple recently unveiled a $199 Kindle that can read emails, watch videos and play music.

In May, Amazon launched a new smartphone app for iPad that can browse the company’s catalog of e-books and apps.

The new Kindle will be sold in the United States starting in April.

“The future is digital,” said Peltzer.

“We are committed to building a better shopping experience.”

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