Why the world needs to take back our currency

With the US dollar out of favor, China is taking the lead with its own digital currency.

CoinDesk spoke to two of the world’s leading digital currency experts to find out why this shift is happening, and how we can leverage this technology to grow the currency in our own countries.

CoinDesk: The Chinese have started taking their digital currency very seriously, but have you noticed that other countries are not?

Vivek Dixit: China has been on a massive digital currency craze for years now, and they’ve been using it for years, so there’s a lot of speculation on how the Chinese are going to take over the world, and this currency has been around for quite some time.

I think that’s a good thing.

You’re starting to see a shift here because there are a lot more people in China than ever before, and a lot are beginning to see it as a positive thing, rather than just as an excuse to get rich quick.

It’s a very strong digital currency, it’s a really good thing to be part of.

CoinIdol: The biggest digital currency out there right now is Bitcoin, and the Chinese government has been very keen to make sure that they’re not getting caught in the middle of the global cryptocurrency debate.

Can you tell us a bit more about this and why it’s so important for China to use it?


The Chinese government is extremely well-funded and very well-armed, and has huge political clout.

It is the country’s official currency.

But in terms of technology, the Chinese currency is so poorly-designed that it’s not really interoperable with most other currencies.

There are a few people in the government who have actually used Bitcoin, but it’s still not quite what you want to use in China.

Bitcoin is a very complicated currency.

You need to have a lot special software to do this, and it’s very hard to learn.

It also has a huge market cap.

China is a huge consumer of digital goods, and Bitcoin is used in the private sector.

It was a big market for China in the early 2000s, but then the Chinese economy fell off a cliff and they have been on this downward spiral ever since.

So there’s this huge market in China that has a lot in common with the United States, where the tech bubble is still really strong.

You have all these big companies, like Apple and Google, that are making a lot from the consumer-facing side of things, but they don’t have the technology infrastructure to support this.

It takes a lot to get this into people’s homes.

So it’s been a huge boon for China’s economy and for the Chinese people, but also for their own financial sector.


China has a growing number of digital currencies and services that they are competing against each other.

Why do they have so much influence?DIXIT.

It depends on the country.

In China, for example, it depends on which party you’re talking about.

In the United Kingdom, there are other countries that have digital currencies that have been around a long time, but the Chinese Government is very strong in the digital economy and its a very big market.

So the Chinese have a very powerful economic hand.

It would be nice to have that same economic hand in the US, but I think there’s enough friction and competition between China and the US to keep it from happening.

There’s also a huge amount of overlap between the Chinese and the American digital economy.

The Bitcoin ecosystem is very tightly integrated with the Bitcoin ecosystem in China, and China has very strong institutions like the People’s Bank of China and other big banks and other companies that have access to these digital currencies.

So China’s influence is very clear, and if it goes away in the United Nations, it would have a huge impact.

CoinNews: Is there a market for digital currencies in the Middle East and Africa?


In some parts of Africa, there is a lot that they can offer.

In countries like Nigeria, there’s some money laundering, and people have been caught in these transactions that have taken place.

So you have to have strong authorities in these countries to shut down these transactions.

But it’s the same with Bitcoin in the Arab world, where you have a massive amount of money laundering going on, and there are also a lot online transactions going on that aren’t reported to the authorities.

But with digital currencies, you have access, and you can’t get caught.

CoinMarketCap: How does Bitcoin compare to the dollar in terms for its exchange rate?


It might be a bit easier to think of Bitcoin as a commodity than a currency, but there are two big things that you need to know about it: One, it is a digital currency; you can spend it on a lot different things; it can be used as a payment card in the UK, and for example in the UAE, it can even be used

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