How to Value the Aladdin eCommerce App (Free)

This is the free app you’ve been waiting for!

Aladdin is the largest ecommerce marketplace and ecommerce platform with over 100 million active users worldwide, and offers a wealth of tools for both developers and customers.

Aladdin has a huge ecosystem and a deep catalog of features that makes it the perfect tool for creating a unique online shopping experience.

With Aladdin, you can: • Build, test, and customize an ecommerce site and shop.

• Create an eCommerce app that lets you interact with customers and partners.

• Buy and sell products and services.

• Add, modify, and remove categories from your shopping cart.

• Manage your account and store inventory.

• Use your account to pay for purchases.

• View your customers’ shopping history.

• Search and create categories for your own products.

• Browse the ecommerce store to find and buy items and services directly from other ecommerce sites.

• Save and share your shopping experience and your shopping preferences with other users.

• Monitor and control your shopping, shopping preferences, and inventory with Aladdin’s analytics and analytics reporting.

• Discover new products, services, and shopping experiences through a shopping cart and discover how to customize your shopping experiences.

• Shop with ease by accessing your shopping history from any mobile device or your computer.

• Easily set up a new shopping cart with the Aladdins Marketplace App.

• Share your shopping shopping experience with friends and family.

• Connect with other merchants through Aladdin and other retailers.

• Purchase and save with Aladdys Marketplace App for free.

This free ecommerce app is available for both Android and iPhone, and is the easiest way to start building an e commerce business or shopping experience for your customers.

Learn more about the free Aladdin app.

Learn how to create an Aladdin product page with Alendas Marketplace App, or how to add new categories to your shopping basket with Aladdon’s Marketplace app.

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